Places to find molds, to learn useful tips and watch beautiful models!

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All starts there. You'll find castlemolds to build your own models, and much much more!!  
Where most of people post their models.  
Some models by Dennis Bryson, designer of the dark altar.  
Amazing models from Abaroth, winner of HADD. Tutorials, Tips...  
Models by Gerard Boom. Very useful tips & tricks.  
.Models by Seigneur des Créations. Lots of Tutorials (in french)  
HA, Blood Bowl et Hell Dorado, vous entrez dans Beuargh Land  
Le Donjon de Lea. 1m20 x 1m60 dungeon!!!  
Frozen chaos site. Hirst arts inside!  
EllsWeb. Gallery and interresting articles about Hirst arts.  
"My Wargames": Terrains using Hirst Arts blocks. Keeper of the HA knowledge, you'll find there many tutorials, tips & casting, building instructions... in PDF  
Models by Tod Goss. from small models to mega castle. enjoy!  
Mighty pages. Great gallery and useful tips.  
Terrainosaur. Great galleries.  
Watch & cry!  
Direct link to Mike Cannon's models but check his whole site! You can purchase Hirts Arts related items HERE  
Werepug's page. Huge galleries of models, miniatures and rats!  
By Rob. Sublimes construcciones i miniaturas!  
Wig's world. great galleries with numerous step by step pics.  
The book of minor grudges  
Models by Jeremy Cobert.  
The Alchemist's Journal. Modelling for Mordheim, WHFB, WH40k and FOW. Hirst arts inside!  
Models & miniatures by art-de-vivre  
Models by Mr Fibble .  
Models & miniatures by Ozgood Ratsbane.  
Castle by Smiley.  
Models by Topo.  
Amazing chess board by Scott Hawker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More by Scott here  
Great terrains by Grandrock. Useful tips!  
Delcar's Dungeon.  
Greywolf's site. A lot of how to pages!! Don't miss the RPG floor tiles part.  
Review of building molds... How to build the gothic church  
I'm a bit lost in all these galleries, but check everywhere, there are HA treasures!  
Models by Dakka staff and other.  
West coast dungeon designer.  
Models by Malarkey.  
Models by Khandid.  
When the Cerebral Cortex of the Damned is building...  
Models by Sp666ky.  
Dungeons by Chris Smithwick .  
Models by Garrelu. For his dungeon's pics: HERE  
The Man of Many Hobbies...Hirst Arts models building too  
Ready for the HA block party with Rusty???  
Models by Ryan Skows. Step by step instructions, tips...Great!  
Tabletop Terrain. Great blog with a lot of pics, tips, informations about our hobby.  
Models by Warsztat.  
Mystic Blocks. Grats models, Wonderful paintjob.  
Models by Bifron (Team Tout Seul!!).  
Models by Gidian  
Models by Frawol.  
Models by Itar  
Models by Kardock  
Models by Witterquick  
Models by Ran The Cid  
www.urbandecayonline.com Pablo's Castle project is coming...  
Located in the U.S., they provide dungeon accessories and complete models made from Hirst Arts blocks.  
Located in England, they sell Hirst Arts building kits as well as other terrain building items.  
Located in the U.S., here you can buy kits of pre-cast Hirst Arts blocks. They also offer ready-to-play painted dungeon rooms and other terrain items.  
Located in the US, they sell a large variety of terrain which includes some great science fiction sets.  
Located in Italy, they sell solid cast resin pieces made from Hirst Arts blocks. They also make museum dioramas as well as sell silicone rubber and polyurethane resin.  
Located in the Germany, they sell castings of Hirst Arts blocks, block kits and other types of finished terrain items.  
Located in the UK, they make custom buildings to order using Hirst Arts blocks. They also provide a painting service and have a very nice gallery.  
Located in the US, they offer high quality kits
for making do-it-yourself buildings for 25mm-30mm tabletop wargaming.
Located in the US, they offer finished painted
modular dungeons and dungeon pieces cast
out of high quality dental stone.
Gares Designs & Creations
Located in the US, they create professional studio models, do model casting, mold making and war gaming terrain. No project is too large, small or wierd.
Located in England, they specialize in handmade wargame terrain and stock a growing range of wargame figures, boxed sets, vehicles and terrain making materials.  
Retrouve tes frères rats sur le forum de Malefosse      
Figurines, décors: que du modélisme!      
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